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Increase Your Traffic Blog and Affiliate Revenue 35 to 50% with These Personal Tips

Increase Blog Traffic

I decided to start being upfront and write about what is working and what is not working in obtaining quality blog traffic and affiliate and or ad revenue from my WordPress websites.  It is going to take some time to unwind exactly what I do and the methods I use; for this reason it will […]

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Tips to Increase AdSense Revenue – Analyze Clicks, Size, Color, & Location

Adsense Tips

 When analyzing my Google Adsense performance, my Adsense performance reports clearly indicated which ad size, ad unit, ad type, and design were performing best and increasing my Adsense earnings.  Below are my findings. In my experience running ads using Adsense for ten years, the following Adsense ad sizes or link units performed best: 250×250 Square […]

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Profiting from AdSense: A List of Top AdSense Earners

Top Adsense Earners

Many website owners dream of living off the earnings from their website. Most who have this dream have tried and/or are using Google AdSense. Despite the fact that Google AdSense is known as one of easiest ways to earn revenue from a website, it is sometimes hard to convince your friends and family that with […]