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SEO Content WritingSEO writing tips to ensure your content is search engine optimized and drives traffic to your website.

  • Use Google Keyword Tool to find which topics and keyword phrases the content should focus.  Choose well searched phrases that have low to medium competition;
  • Determine who will be writing the SEO friendly content, yourself or a hired writer;
  • Give the assigned writer three to five friendly SEO Keyword Phrases which are highly searched with low to medium competition.

Before writing, make sure the assigned writer understands repetition or keywords and the penalties for duplicating content.  If you hire someone to write your content, check their finished work in CopyScape.  Don’t pay for plagiarized content.  This is very important for SEO friendly content to rank well in Google and other Search Engines. This will ensure search engines algorithms index the content better.

Keyword phrases should be repeated several times throughout the content in the following places:

  • In a H1 title  (at least two of the assigned key phrases, ideally used at the beginning of the content);
  • First Sentence (at least two of the same phrases used in the title, ideally used at the beginning of the content);
  • All key phrases used minimum once, ideally twice in the first paragraph;
  • If anything is bold or italics make sure it has a key phrase;
  • In links, if it flows with the content;
  • Summary paragraph at the end of the content.

For best SEO writing practices, the webmaster or the person who is posting content on the web should use Keyword Phrases in the following area:

    • In  naming the page /URL / Permalink
    • Used 2 times in the meta title Tags which is also often the H1 tag
    • Used in Keyword Tags
    • Used in Description Tags
    • Used in H2 & H3 Tags
    • Used in Image alt text
    • Used  in naming image files
    • Used in links
    • Used in anchor texted
    • Used where phrases are bolded
    • Used where items are italics

Important SEO TIP – The webmaster or marketing department needs to remember  not  to duplicate the content accidently or intentionally.

By following the above checklist, your SEO writing is better positioned to improve  your website and search engine rankings.

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