List of Website Design & SEO Tips


  • Companies that blog have %55 more website vistors
  •  business who blog generate more 88% more leads per a month than those who do not


  • Excepting prepositions (of, to, for, is) and the words “and” and “the”, all major words in a headline should be capitalized when writing for the web. I see a lot of copy where only the first letter of the headline is capitalized.
  • Provide authentic customer stories and never hide them behind a signup form
  • Provide testimonials, short and powerful testimonials on your site. Try to include real names, titles and picture of the person with each testimonial if it is possible.

Decrease Bounce Rage

  • A bounce rate of 50% or less is excellent, 60-70% is typical, 70-80% is poor, 80%+ is very bad
  • Add related posts link to each page of content on the site. Not only does this improve site indexing, it increases visitors engagement by providing readers with further articles of interests
  • Survey your friends, clients and employees to find out what they liked and what they didn’t like what confused them about your site
  • Develop blog content based on the topics site visitors had demonstrated the greatest interest in. This allows you to connect better with existing audience members leading them to purchase more and engage more.
  • Limit list items to 7 words. Studies have shown that people can only reliably remember 7-10 things at a time. By keeping your list items short, it helps your readers remember them.
    Don’t just copy the print marketing. One of the most common mistakes that a beginning website owner does is to just copy and paste the marketing materials from the pamphlets onto the website. Writing for the Web needs to be different from writing for print. The way the Web works is different from print and the writing needs to reflect that.
  • Keep your pages short and to the point, The Web is not a good location to write your novel, especially as one long page. Even a chapter is too long for most Web readers. Keep your content to under 10,000 characters per page. If you need to write an article that’s longer than that, find sub-sections and write each sub-section as a stand-alone page.


  • Keep the forms short
  • Reduce anxiety, avoid asking for sensitive information that companies or consumers may not want to disclose
  • Try to avoid using the word “submit” on forms. Instead use phrases such as ” download whitepaper”, get your free ebook” or “join our newsletter”

Google Adsense

  • Center an Adsense ad in a WordPress Widget you simply add <center><div id=”adsense”> put code here </div><center>

H Tags

  • Add <h1> headline tags to internal pages to give keywords prominence


  • Optimized Alt Tags and File attributions to pictures
  • In industry studies time and time again people perfer websites with real peoples pictures versus stock images of smiling people.

Link Building

  • Add External links to high-value highly relevant content sources wherever possible to maximize the SEO power of link blending

Meta Tags

  • Create unique meta description tags for each page on the site
  • Remove the site name /company name from the title tags to help each page appear more unique
  • Make title tags keyword rich information to both website visitors and search spiders


  • Add no-follow tags to unimportant pages, including tag pages, category pages and individual comment pages to minimize instance of duplicate content


  • Create an appropriate XML sitemap file
  • To hide Site Map and Robots.txt from crawlers add to .htaccess file the following.
    <FilesMatch “robots\.txt”>
    Header set X-Robots-Tag “noindex”
    <FilesMatch “sitemap\.xml”>
    Header set X-Robots-Tag “noindex”

Social Media

  • Floating Social Banner on the left side have proven to work better getting more shares.
  • Do you need to test or refresh the rich snipe for Facebook? Simply go here and use their developers debugging tool
  • On average Tweets that are 71-100 characters and have a hash tag get retweeted more then others.
  • Tweet between noon and 2pm to get the maxium amount of retweets
  • Ideally tweeting FRIDAY between noon and 2pm is the sweet spot
  • Ask for retweets. Use the actual words Please Retweet rather then PleaseRT it gets more Retweets on average
  • Top 10 popular hastags include #nonplaying #ff #jobs #fb #vounconfessarque #fail #tcot and #followfriday
  • Steps to changing a Facebook page name that is over 200 fans – You need to go into your page setting and change your type to business. Now you need to look for your name and click change name. You can only do it once and you have to upload proof. I used my fictitious business name statement. It look about 12 hours, but they said to give them 3 days . You don’t have to stay a local business forever!
  • When all else fails adding a line break after a paragraph add this <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • In order to be indexed by google news you need a unique permalink structure containing a unique number. You seem to have a permalink structure of %postname% that doesn’t contain a number. You could change your permalinks for example to %post_id%/%postname% or %post_id%-%postname% in order to comply with google news requirements.
  • To wrap text around a YouTube video simply use this code 

    <div style="float:left;margin:0 10px 5px 0;"> Your embedded YouTube video code here </div>

  • If your social media plugin is getting hidden. It is a CSS thing. The overflow of the containing box is set to hidden.Change: .entry-content {overflowhidden; to .entry-content {overflowvisible;}
  • If you want to change the font and line spacing in a text widget use <p style=”line-height:1;font-size:10px;”>YOUR TEXTED HERE</p>


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