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Joanna Jana Laznicka

Joanna began an online marketing, search engine optimization and public relations firm before graduating high school in 1993. In 2003, Joanna became an early adopter of WordPress, quickly mastering the back-end complexities of the content management system. Today, Joanna provides complete website analysis from functionality to marketing while continuing her research and dedication to the wild, wild web. Connect with Joanna Jana Laznicka on LinkedIn or Twitter

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Annie Singer

Annie Singer began her career in marketing as a link builder but quickly familiarized herself with a broader inbound marketing skillset. While she is largely self-taught, she has a rich background including agency, enterprise, and freelance experience, and has formal education in psychology and marketing research. Annie now works in digital growth and entrepreneurship, specializing in science-based practices and business ethics. Visit her website, or connect on LinkedIn.


Alexandra Wolff

Alexandra Wolff is an expert Amazon Consultant, and the Founder and CEO of Baby Diva, maker of the OUCHLESS Toys™. The mom of 3 is a proponent of smart, entertaining, and non-toxic toys, as well as organic foods, natural solutions, and alternative energy. Connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn


Shaifali Gupta

Shaifali Gupta is a software engineer turned web content/technical writer. Having studied technology from one of the most reputed technical university in Europe and Business Studies from India, she understands the technology and it’s business side, equally well. Currently she is living her passion for writing and engaged in creating content for various technology as well as non-technology firms, in Silicon Valley and India. She is involved with few nonprofit companies for their social media as well as community outreach needs.


Kirk Deis

Kirk Deis has been featured on Forbes, Podcasts, and radio shows in the US. He is the CEO and Founder of two companies – Treehouse 51 a digital agency in Newport Beach, California and The Bug Squasher a universal web app that helps you diagnosis site issues.


Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal is the founder of Nikhil creates video courses and other resources to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow their business. He is putting together a library of resources to help site owners migrate to HTTPS at


Ruth White

Ruth White lives in Los Angeles, CA and has her MA in Sociology with a Minor in Statistics.  Her Instagram, @squishdelish, has 85k followers.   She has evaluated a broad range of policies and programs from juvenile drug courts to cost estimating at the WA State Department of Transportation.  She loves animals, reading and trying new foods.  Her two cats, Duffy and Fergie, are her greatest pride.  Follow her cats on Instagram at  and visit her website at or Facebook page at


Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton ( is an Orange County, California writer, editor, and online publisher. Connect with Carisa on Google+