Cool Tools

Twitter – Figure out who is following you back and remove those people who aren’t. This web app is OK the biggest complaint it is slow. However at the same time it is one of the few apps that doesn’t limit the follows before you have to update to a pro version. If anyone knows of a better app that is not as slow, doesn’t limit the amount of unfollows please leave a message in the comment section. – Do you have stale twitter followers? If so this is the app for you. It looks to see when was the last time each follower has updated their status letting you remove those twitter followers who haven’t been active on twitter for some time. You can use it three times a month. As the app suggests download the Chrome Extension “Check Them All 1.0” and use it to easily check off the entire list instead of checking each user one by one. – An unfollowing tool that costs 20.00 a year

Twitter Follower Chrome Extensions – A great Chrome extension that follows or unfollows large amount of people at once.

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