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Comparing Twitter Tools for Social Media Managers

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It isn’t a secret that I started and manage multiple online publications, and with that comes managing multiple Twitter accounts. To keep my sanity I try to automate where I can, this includes Twitter.

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To keep more profits and money in my bank I tend to buy social media management tools at a discount from AppSumo. However, keeping track of all the tools I bought over the years and what they are ideal for isn’t easy. Anyone who buys a lot of deals from Appsumo understands this pain. As well, Twitter like other social media platforms, evolve and social media posting strategies have to change as they evolve. Along with that, social media management tools have to evolve, and some features get dropped while new features get added as social media platforms API get more open or restricted.

To organize which Twitter social media management tools I own, lifetime deals and what features they have, I made a detailed table below. This was more for me, to give me clarity as I figure out the best ways to utilize my AppSumo purchases, to grow, curate, post and track growth on Twitter. Putting such data together is time consuming, so I felt others out on the world wide web might find this info beneficial especially if someone bought the same lifetime deals or were looking to compare: Jooicer, SocialBee, ContentStudio, MissingLettr, Planable, Amplifr, PromoRepublic eClincher.

Please note:

  • If a table cell isn’t filled it, it just means I don’t know yet. Remember this table is more for me than you. I am just sharing my finds along the way, so it makes your decision easier and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel documenting the same data.
  • If you see my findings are wrong or out-to-date, can you please leave a comment with the details, so I can update the table?

Twitter Management Tools Comparison

wdt_ID Features Jooicer Social Bee Content Studio Missing Lettr Planable Amplifr Promo Republic Eclincher
1 Follower Growth
2 Suggest Who to Follow yes yes no no no no no no
3 Suggest Who to Follow by Keyword in Bio yes yes no no no no no no
4 Suggest Who to Follow by Keyword in Bio yes yes no no no no no no
5 Suggest Who to Unfollow yes no no no no
7 Black List - Users yes no no no
8 White List - Never Unfollow yes no no no
9 Schedule Tweets
10 Send Tweets in Real Time, Not Have to Be Scheduled. yes yes yes sort of yes yes yes yes
11 Reposts Evergreen Content Easy yes
12 Can Organize Posts ByCategories yes yes yes yes yes
13 Media
14 Has Free Photo Library to Use no no no no no no yes yes
15 Has Free .GIF Library to Use no no no no no no no yes
16 Automation
17 Make Tweets From RSS Feed yes yes, but must approve posts yes
18 Bulk Upload of Tweets (CVS File) yes yes
19 Suggests Hashtags yes
20 Reposts Evergreen Posts yes yes
21 GUI
22 Calendar View of Scheduled Posts yes yes yes yes
23 Users Login
24 Can Have Multiple People Login to Work on Same Account yes yes
25 Client Can Login and Approve Posts yes yes
26 Analytics
27 Follower Growth no no yes
28 Follower Engagement yes yes yes yes
29 Top Tweets yes yes yes yes
30 Compare Competitors yes
31 Influencers
32 Tools to find top influencers paid upgrade
33 Convenience On the Go Apps
34 Android App no yes - needs work, not useful yes - good app no yes - good app no yes - needs work yes - issues logging in
35 Android App - Can Schedule Posts from App n/a no yes n/a yes n/a n/a
36 iPhone App yes - haven't tried it yes - haven't tried it
37 Company Info
38 Quality of Support Decent Excellent
39 Software Getting Updated No, they still have Google Plus listed on their site
41 Affliate Program yes
Features Jooicer Social Bee Content Studio Missing Lettr Planable Amplifr Promo Republic Eclincher

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