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Joanna began an online marketing, search engine optimization and public relations firm before graduating high school in 1993. In 2003, Joanna became an early adopter of WordPress, quickly mastering the back-end complexities of the content management system. Today, Joanna provides complete website analysis from functionality to marketing while continuing her research and dedication to the wild, wild web. Connect with Joanna Jana Laznicka on LinkedIn or Twitter

Ad Tech

A Study Into Which Amazon Associates Affiliate Links Bring In The Most Revenue

Amazon Associates

Recently, I have been taking a hard look at which Amazon Associates affiliate links, banners and widgets bring in the most revenue and which ones are just plain deadbeats wasting valuable space. Most of my readers/followers are aware I own several news sites based on a broad range of topics. Some might call them blogs, […]


A List of the Best WordPress Plugins

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Being a WordPress enthusiast I am always getting asked what are the the best plugins for various outcomes. Below is an inventory of the plugins I  enjoy using. Some have help me  by getting quality search traffic, increasing social signals , increasing revenue, decreasing load time, implementing  nofollow links and much more. Adding Ads Within […]