Joanna Jana Laznicka

Joanna began an online marketing, search engine optimization and public relations firm before graduating high school in 1993. In 2003, Joanna became an early adopter of WordPress, quickly mastering the back-end complexities of the content management system. Today, Joanna provides complete website analysis from functionality to marketing while continuing her research and dedication to the wild, wild web. Connect with Joanna Jana Laznicka on LinkedIn or


How to Add Users to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Add User Google Analytics

Google provides many user friendly tools for your business. Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be useful for the future of your website. Analytics focuses on user data, providing in-depth information about location, revisit percentages, device used and much more. The Search Console focuses on the search-engine side of data, providing tools and […]


Best Ways to Increase Search Traffic for Your WordPress Site

WordPress SEO

Once you have completed the initial setup of your WordPress site and having the right setting in place for optimal SEO, the following should be considered to help increase Organic Search Traffic: Please note anywhere you use specific numbers, those figures can change as search engine algorithms change.  Research Content and Keywords To increase search […]