Ruth White

Ruth White lives in Los Angeles, CA and has her MA in Sociology with a Minor in Statistics.  Her Instagram, @squishdelish, has 85k followers.   She has evaluated a broad range of policies and programs from juvenile drug courts to cost estimating at the WA State Department of Transportation.  She loves animals, reading and trying new foods.  Her two cats, Duffy and Fergie, are her greatest pride.  Follow her cats on Instagram at  and visit her website at or Facebook page at

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How to Gain Followers on Instagram: A Guide to Increasing Engagement and Avoiding IG Pitfalls

Instagram Tips

My account @squishdelish has 85,0000 followers, so I often get asked how to build an Instagram (IG) following and increase likes and comments on IG posts.  To start, here are definitions for terms commonly used in association with gaining followers and increasing likes and comments: Reach:  Reach is the total number of unique accounts that […]