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Sell Your Amazon Product Faster with an Optimized Product Page

Amazon Product Optimization

Amazon Seller Product Page OptimizationAt this stage, you’ve created your Amazon Seller Central (SC) account and gone through the tedious process of putting your product up for sale.

I know – you really want to skip all that nonsense and just start selling. But if you want your product to be successful on Amazon, it’s important to understand what to spend your time on and what to stop worrying about.

So let’s jump right into what’s important:

The product page has 4 vital sections. You’ll want to concentrate your time and effort on these 4 sections in the following order:

  1. Product Images
  2. Product Title
  3. Feature Bullets
  4. Product Description

The Images

We all know a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but on Amazon, your product is reduced to a single thumbnail photo listed in a sea of hundreds of other similar products. Therefore, your main image needs to dramatically stand out from the rest, while still following Amazon’s photo rules. Please note: I advocate strictly following Amazon’s terms of service (TOS) – it’s Amazon’s playground, it makes the rules, and it can throw you out at any time…

Since your main image is what customers see first, it needs to present your product in the best light possible. In a single glance, it needs to explain what it is, why a customer would want it, and why it’s better than all the others on the page.

Your main image should be:

  1. A minimum of 1000×1000 pixels (for zoomability);
  2. Square – 1200 x 1200 px, or 1750 x 1750 px, etc. in order to take up as much of the thumbnail as possible;
  3. The product on a white background (and nothing else);
  4. The product taking up at least 85% of the image. The larger your product is in the image, the better it will look as a thumbnail;
  5. Without text, seals or emblems, or extra graphics;
  6. The same dimensions as all other images so they consistently show well across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here’s what the main image looks like on Amazon’s search page:
Amazon Listing Optimization
Here’s how you get to the fields you need to upload the photos of your product:
Amazon Sellers Central Tips
Amazon Services Sellers Central TipsEach category (Baby, Home, Clothing, etc.) has a maximum of 9 images, though some have fewer, so make sure you use all the images available to you. Amazon allows you to be more creative with secondary images, so show your product in action in these (otherwise known as “lifestyle” photos), because it’s the quickest way for customers to visualize your product in their lives. Use these images as a way to not only show them ways they would normally be using your product, but also creative ways they can’t wait to try themselves.

The Product Title

Customers typically look at the product title for more information, which is important, but not nearly as important as the fact that Amazon’s search algorithm looks at the title FIRST. The right keywords are vital here.

Amazon Product Optimization Tips
Here’s where you enter the product title in Seller Central:
Amazon Product Optimization AdviceUse your primary (most important) keywords in the title. Amazon is very secretive about keywords and how its algorithm works – and it changes its algorithm constantly.

Some key guidelines:

  1. Capitalize each word except for prepositions under 5 letters (on, in, at, etc.)
  2. Use your brand name only if you manufacture the product
  3. Use numerals (“4” instead of “four”)
  4. Spell out dimensions and measurements (5 inches instead of 5”)
  5. Don’t use all caps, symbols, special symbols, or terms like “Best Selling” or “Free Shipping”

Also, keep in mind Amazon’s target audience is completely unique from any other market. No keyword search program is 100% accurate for Amazon, but Merchant Words and Google Keyword Planner are commonly used among Amazon Sellers.

The Feature Bullets

If customers are attracted by the photos and like the title, the bullets are where they go next for more specific information. Consensus goes back and forth on whether Amazon weighs the bullets or the description more heavily, and at the moment, it’s the feature bullets.

Amazon Seller Product Listing Tips
Here’s where you add the bullets in Seller Central (each field is a bullet point – click Add More for up to 5 bullets):
Amazon Product Listing OptimizationThe feature bullet section is where you want to list both your product’s features as well as benefits, but focus on the benefits most – what your customer will receive from your product. The benefits address the pain point that will persuade your customer to buy, whether it’s the desire to look great, a need to save money, the search for a great gift, or relief from pain. (Click the Add More link below the field for each additional bullet.)

This is also where you’ll put your secondary keywords, but make sure your bullets are readable to the customer first, and optimized for keywords second. Here is an example of how to slip those keywords into your copy without keyword stuffing:

  • Great gift for the kitchen – get a 5-piece baking set in a premium gift box for hostess, bridal, wedding shower, birthday, holiday and housewarming gifts.

It can be difficult to focus on your product’s benefits without falling back on its features, so I’ve included some examples here:

Feature: Heat-resistant
Benefit: Won’t melt while you’re cooking

  • The heat-resistant material keeps it from melting while frying, sautéing, or baking making this spatula perfect for all your cooking needs.

Feature: One-piece design
Benefit: No seams or cracks to trap food or bacteria

  • Our one-piece design means no seams or cracks to trap food or bacteria.

Feature: Dishwasher safe
Benefit: Less time cleaning and more fun time

  • Spend less time cleaning – our dishwasher-safe spatula is easy-to-clean, which means more time for fun!

The Product Description

This is a section that is often over-looked by the typical Amazon customer, but it’s still very important in Amazon’s search algorithm. Consider it an “additional information” area for customers specifically seeking more details, and put any other keywords that relate to your product here. But try NOT to repeat keywords you’ve used in the title or bullets.

Optimizing Product Listing Amazon

Here’s where you enter the product description in Seller Central:
Optimization Amazon ListingsHopefully, you now have a much better handle on what information to put on your product page, and I hope you enjoy a bump in sales as a result of all your hard work.

Look for the next articles on filling in back-end keywords, optimizing images, and creating Amazon PPC advertising campaigns.

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