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Profiting from AdSense: A List of Top AdSense Earners

Top Adsense Earners

Profiting from AdSense: A List of Top AdSense Earners Many website owners dream of living off the earnings from their website. Most who have this dream have tried and/or are using Google AdSense.

Despite the fact that Google AdSense is known as one of easiest ways to earn revenue from a website, it is sometimes hard to convince your friends and family that with the right effort, niche and work, there is potential to make a good living.

How much can someone earn from AdSense really?

To be realistic, earning money from Adsense does not happen overnight or without making scarifies.  Being knowledgeable about SEO, understanding best ad sizes and placement, having talent and time to write compelling original content, and having some knowledge of website coding increases your chances of optimizing your Adsense success.

With smart work, however, you should be able to see AdSense revenue results. At first, it will be enough to cover the cost of hosting, but as your site grows and visitors are retained, the income could be a decent amount – even enough to quit that day job.

Some publishers do get the formula right and we can study their sites for AdSense Tips.
Listed below are top AdSense earners  to whom we can aspire:

1. Mashable – Mashable is the top earner of AdSense. Its monthly page view is about 25 million. Its monthly AdSense earnings are around $600,000.

2. Weblogs, Inc. – While no longer around, Weblogs, Inc.’s portfolio consisted of approximately 90 blogs. Their monthly page view was about 25 million. The AdSense revenue was on average $190,000 per month before getting acquired by

3. TechCrunch – Techcrunch’s monthly AdSense revenue is about $240,000.

4. Digg – Digg a social networking site, where people share and read news and other information. Its monthly AdSense revenue is about $250,000.

5. Perez Hilton – Perez Hilton’s founder Mario Lavandeirais is the top AdSense earner by blogging. Per blog earnings are around $200,000 per month.

6. Shoe Money – The founder of Shoe Money Jeremy Shoemaker earns about $140,000 from AdSense per month from various sites he owns.

7. Tweetmeme– Tweetmeme earns about $225,000 per month from AdSense with about 385,000 unique visitors per month.

8 . Plenty Of Fish – Plenty of Fish is a free dating site, which makes around $300,000 per month.

9. ClickIndia – ClickIndia earns $85,000 per month. They have around 5.5 million unique users a month.

Please note all figures mentioned above are in USD.

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