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AdOps Agency an Alternative to Mediavine and AdThrive

Mediavine Alternative AdThrive

Some site owners want to make more than they do with Adsense; however, they can’t seem to meet the threshold to become a part of Mediavine or AdThrive. There are alternative Ad Exchange Networks and Ad Management Agencies that can payout just as much as Mediavine and AdThrive having the same or higher RPMs . One of the new kids on the block is The AdOps Agency. Definitely, a company to consider if you are looking for an alternative to Mediavine or AdThrive.

Based in Orange County, California, and founded by Stacey North, a digital ad management veteran, The AdOps Agency doesn’t have name recognition like Mediavine or AdThrive. Still, it has helped hundreds of site publishers monetize and increase their ad revenue beyond using Adsense.

We interviewed Stacey North to understand better what The AdOps Agency can do for site owners and what kind of publishers it is ideal for.


How many page views per month does a site owner need to work with The AdOps Agency? The AdOps Agency is more of a consultancy. We help publishers big and small find the right methods to monetize their websites. Since we do not take a revenue share, there are no minimums. We work on an hourly basis. Solutions are based on website size to maximize publisher revenue as they grow.

How do you check these page views? To tailor the recommendations for each publisher, The AdOps Agency will ask for monthly page views from Google Analytics.

If a site doesn’t use Google Analytics, will you still work with them? Yes, we will help them implement Google Analytics. No, really, the site will need some way to measure page views.

If a site was rejected from Google Adsense, can you work with them? Yes, but it’s difficult and a sign that something may be wrong with the site. We will assess the reason they were rejected and determine if we can help them or not.

Do you work with site owners outside the US? Yes, we have been known to work with publishers across the world.


How quickly will site owners be approved or rejected? We provide a ½ hour consultancy phone call to assess each publisher. The publisher will know at the end of that call if the The AdOps Agency can help them.

If approved, how quickly can site owners get ads up? Implementation depends on the recommended solution.


Can you show ads from other ad networks? If so, which ones? This depends on the recommended solution. The AdOps Agency is an AdX reseller, works with AppNexus, Index Exchange,, Sovrn and many other networks.

If a site owner sells a site, what happens? Will it be easy to transfer what needs to be transferred to the new site owner’s name? The purchaser was banned from using Google Adsense or AdX in the past, will this be a problem? A new partnership, rather than a transfer, will be setup. Anytime someone is banned from Google (AdSense or AdX) we consider this a red flag and will be treated on a case by case basis.

About the Ads

What third-party ad partners do you use? And are these the same third-party ad partners Mediavine uses? MediaVine uses a lot (and we mean a lot) of partners. (Just check out their ads.txt file.) We prefer quality over quantity but we like to work with Xandr (direct),, Sovrn, Conversant, Index Exchange (direct), EMX, Rubicon, and AOL.

What kind of ads are available? Banner and video ads

Who will be implementing the ads on the site? The publisher usually implements the code on the site but if they need someone to do this, we can help for an extra fee.

Who is in charge of optimizing the ads once they are on the site? The AdOps Agency empowers publishers to own their setup. We help guide them in setup and optimization but ultimately this is the responsibility of the publisher.

Can ads be put within apps? Not just sites? Yes!

Can ads be places behind password-protected content? Yes, but this makes it difficult to get approved by Google.


For site owners who use your services, how do they get paid? If The AdOps Agency provides the demand (AdX, Xandr, Index Exchange), they will get paid by The AdOps Agency.

How often do site owners get paid? Monthly

The AdOps Agency Customer Feedback

Even though The AdOps Agency isn’t as recognized as Mediavine and AdThrive they have been managing ads for various blogs, online publications, online forums, and apps. Here is what a few of their customers say about Stacey and her ad management.

“Stacey is amazing! Her knowledge of online advertising has transformed how we monetize our brand.”

“Super knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. A pro’s pro. Highly recommended!”

“Stacey is very knowledgeable in multiple aspects on ad operations. I appreciate that she took the time to understand the outcomes I wanted so she could tailor the discussion to be most beneficial for me.”

She’s a pro, attentive and has a great attitude.”

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