Add User Google Analytics

Google provides many user friendly tools for your business. Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be useful for the future of your website. Analytics focuses on user data, providing in-depth information about location, revisit percentages, device used and much more. The Search Console focuses on the search-engine side of data, providing tools and […]

WordPress SEO

Once you have completed the initial setup of your WordPress site and having the right setting in place for optimal SEO, the following should be considered to help increase Organic Search Traffic: Please note anywhere you use specific numbers, those figures can change as search engine algorithms change.  Research Content and Keywords To increase search […]

Wordpress SEO Post

Have you been asked to upload an article, also known as a blog post, that you have written to a WordPress site that uses the SEO Plugin Yoast? To make it rank effectively in search engines follow the below steps: Add Title – You have come up with a great title for your article. However […]

In August 2014, Google announced that HTTPS sites would receive a small boost in their rankings within Google Search. According to MOZ, at the time, less than 10% of websites that were ranking on page 1 were HTTPS websites. Since then, Google has been hard at work ensuring that migrating to HTTPS is a no-brainer […]

Ad Tech

AdOps Agency an Alternative to Mediavine and AdThrive

Some site owners want to make more than they do with Adsense; however, they can’t seem to meet the threshold to become a part of Mediavine or AdThrive. There are alternative Ad Exchange Networks and Ad Management Agencies that can payout just as much as Mediavine and AdThrive having the same or higher RPMs . […]

Sell Your Amazon Product Faster with an Optimized Product Page

At this stage, you’ve created your Amazon Seller Central (SC) account and gone through the tedious process of putting your product up for sale. I know – you really want to skip all that nonsense and just start selling. But if you want your product to be successful on Amazon, it’s important to understand what […]

A Study Into Which Amazon Associates Affiliate Links Bring In The Most Revenue

Recently, I have been taking a hard look at which Amazon Associates affiliate links, banners and widgets bring in the most revenue and which ones are just plain deadbeats wasting valuable space. Most of my readers/followers are aware I own several news sites based on a broad range of topics. Some might call them blogs, […]

Tips to Increase AdSense Revenue – Analyze Clicks, Size, Color, & Location

 When analyzing my Google Adsense performance, my Adsense performance reports clearly indicated which ad size, ad unit, ad type, and design were performing best and increasing my Adsense earnings.  Below are my findings. In my experience running ads using Adsense for ten years, the following Adsense ad sizes or link units performed best: 250×250 Square […]

Profiting from AdSense: A List of Top AdSense Earners

Many website owners dream of living off the earnings from their website. Most who have this dream have tried and/or are using Google AdSense. Despite the fact that Google AdSense is known as one of easiest ways to earn revenue from a website, it is sometimes hard to convince your friends and family that with […]